ADE Day 3: Live from Trouw

A conversation with Tom Trago

ADE Day 3: Live from Trouw

20-10-2012 | 13.34

The third ADE-night in Trouw is Dutch only. Clone, Delsin and Rush Hour join forces for a unique event. Will it be a Clash of the Titans or a cosy coming together?

Bér Engels from Red Bull Music Academy just arrived. He will be recording for RBMA Radio, to be broadcast within a month.”A lot of representatives of the music industry are here tonight, due to the special line-up. These Dutch deejays have a big influence on the development of electronic music. Trouw is the perfect place to host this event: unique, open-minded and progressive. I’m really looking forward to Clone, a strong label. Rush Hour is outstanding for non-electronic music: jazz, afro. And don’t forget Delsin, also a label of impact with acts like Delta Funktionen.”

Spoiled Amsterdam
According to Bér, ADE has not only grown in size over the years, but also offers more room for experimentation. “The programming has become more substantial, more interesting. The quality keeps improving, for RBMA it just keeps getting better and better.” Is there any room left for the festival to grow? Bér doesn’t think so. “The capacity of Amsterdam is fully used up. You could turn it into a Dutch Dance Event, but the scene revolves around Amsterdam. This is where it all happens.”
Bér remarks that local heroes like San Proper and Tom Trago have reached cult status abroad, often stronger than in their hometown Amsterdam. “I was in Paris with San and Tom in Concrete half a year ago. They are huge there and treated accordingly. The same applies to acts like Delta Funktionen and A Made Up Sound. They are headliners in Berlin. I think people from Amsterdam should realise this. Are we spoiled? Yes, I think so.”

Tom Trago just finished his Trouw meal in the restaurant. Confronted with the praise of Bér, he claims to feel himself everything but a hero. “You know, I feel honoured to have been able to participate in the creation of  ‘the Amsterdam Sound’, in which San and I have been involved for years. The key features of this sound: borderless, expressive, open-minded. It’s music for the love of it, not for the sake of the deejay. This is the attitude that created B-Boy House. Just good music, no more, no less.”
For Tom, ADE is a party with friends and colleagues, a sort of family gathering. “Normally we travel all over the world, and now the world is coming to us. I’m really proud of this place. We have the opportunity to show that our audience has a cultivated taste in music. It’s the music that we have developed together with out audience over the last twenty years. Also very noticeable: the Dutch are skilled organisers, ADE is a seamless event.”
Tom’s set will be short tonight. He will be playing at 3:15AM with Alfabet and then from 4AM till the end. This doesn’t bother him. “We came here as a collective. We are carrying this night together.”
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