ADE Day 1: Live from Trouw

A conversation with Sandrien

ADE Day 1: Live from Trouw

18-10-2012 | 00.08

The countdown started this afternoon. ADE 2012 kicked off and Trouw is in the right mood. We couldn't help bothering a couple of our residents and guests to get some quotes.

Sandrien is having dinner at the long table with her fellow dj's. In front of her she has a large plate with mussels. There's nothing left of the warm goat cheese with honey and thyme. And the mozzarella with sundried tomatoes is also gone till the last bit. "This meal is delicious, and these are only the starters. There's more to come." During the day she has been busy collecting the material for her set. Any surprises? Oh sure, I am going to try out some tracks from my new EP. And I will play a remix of 'Haters' by Marcel Fengler. He finished it only last week, so that's pretty cool."

"To me ADE means one big party. I keep bumping into so many people I got to know through the years. You won't find me at the congress during the day. I prefer to do my networking at night. Much, much nicer!" At the next table we find another usual suspect: Serge. He's in the line-up of Friday's Clone, Delsin and Rush Hour ADE Special at Trouw. So what is he doing here now? "Just having dinner with my friend Cyril Étienne, aka dj Deep. He's from Paris and runs Deeply Rooted House, his own label. Cyril has an ADE gig tonight, but we thought to eat a bite and listen to Sandrien at the same time. And yes, the ADE Menu chef Lucas prepared was great."

Foreign visitor
Near the smoking room we meet Pawel Chalupa all the way from Stockholm. "You know, Berghain is my church, maar Trouw is also really something. Your soundsystem is incredibly deep. This is my first ADE and guess what? All my heroes are here! Do you realize how lucky you are?"
Sebastiaan Berg from Almere sure does. "I managed to buy a ticket for tonight in the very last minute. Queueing up really payed off! I came here to see Sandrien, Boris Werner and William Kouam Djoko. Imprint is my favourite club night. ADE doesn't make any difference to me."

Text: Bonita van Lier