Transsexuality in Canada

Xavier Dolan creates another masterpiece

Transsexuality in Canada

24-09-2012 | 15.20

If you’ve never heard of Xavier Dolan, you’ve probably been living under a rock. With his new film ‘Laurence Anyways’, the 23-year old Xavier Dolan has three full-length films on his resumé and can be rightfully referred to as a wonderchild.

Xavier Dolan’s films are often characterized by the theme of sexuality. Dolan feels like a breath of fresh air in the world of cinema, and not only because he is daring enough to discuss taboo subjects or shed light on a sensitive subject. His topics range from love triangles and being gay to transsexuality. His work is also not always pleasant to look at. Sometimes you just want to close your ears and eyes; to close yourself off. But art is not always pleasant and comfortable; and this is most definetely the case with Dolan’s films. Besides the theme of sexuality, the woman plays a big and prominent role in Dolan’s work. Because of this, he is seen as the Canadian answer to Pedro Almodóvar and François Ozon.

Dolan’s last film, Laurence Anyways, has premiered on the 20th of September and totally redefines the classic love story. The film is about a woman and her boyfriend who decides to have a sex change. Dolan creates an intense and believable drama with Melvil Poupaud and Suzanne Clément as leading roles. But where is film truly excels, is at the visual aspect: every frame, every scene is beautiful to look at and has a cinematic energy you don’t see very often. This is why you’ll devour those 161 minutes and be left wanting for more!

Laurence Anyways has been received with great admiration and has won multiple awards, such as the Prize of Best Actrice as the filmfestival in Cannes and the Prize for best Canadian Film and the Toronto International Film Festival.

To celebrate Xavier Dolan’s new work, we’re giving aways 3x2 ticket for his new film and 3x a DVD of J’ai Tué Ta Mere and Les Amours Imaginaires! The only thing you have to do, is send an e-mail to attn 'Xavier Dolan' answering the next question: For which prize was ‘Laurence Anyways’ nominated at Cannes 2012? Dont forget to mention your full adress.