The girl behind the artwork of Life & Death

The girl behind the artwork of Life & Death

28-09-2012 | 12.08

The record label Life & Death has made a gigantic leap forward the last couple of years and are on top of the world right now. Founded by Manfredi Romano (aka DJ Tennis) and Greg Oreck, the other half of the New York-based house duo Thugfucker, you could definetely say that the Italians are on a roll. Besides the killer releases they keep putting out, we are also very impressed with their artwork. Of course we wanted to know more about this so we had a chat with Kero, the Italian 25-year old who is response for these visual delights.

Hi Kero, thank you for taking the time to talk to us. Can you tell us how you came in contact with the people from Life & Death? Are you a big fan yourself?
When I was living in Rome, I used to collaborate with the Rashomon Club organization. And there was a very special person (Otto, a sort of mother in law to me), she introduced me to Manfredi first when Life & Death was still swimming into the amniotic night of his mind, then other people forwarded my works to him and thats how the story began. And yes! I am a big fan and supporter!

We already imagined so, it's hard not to be. What's your favorite Life & Death track?
You know when you wake up in the morning and your brain started singing before you can be widely awake? One morning I woke up and in my head there was "Im thinking at many of uuuu" and then I understood that I loved that track. But I also love two special tracks that are coming out soon, so you'd better stay tuned on the next LAD releases.

Do you listen to the track and then you start drawing? Or do you get your inspiration from somewhere else?
Don't exactly know, sometimes inspiration doesn't come out, it's not like you eat a fiber yoghurt and then you come out with the drawing already done. Inspiration lays in the subtle matter. Sometimes you just have to take a step back and watch things from a different perspective.
A while ago a friend of mine told me I change my style as I change socks. I get bored drawing or doing always the same stuff, so I change medium, support, music and then the artwork changes too.

Haha, you sound a bit impulsive. How do you go about when creating a piece of artwork?
First: I am always late. So I have to create the best thing in a little rush of time.
Then, I don't know, I always try to put ideas first, because ideas make the difference. There are a lot of people who can handle a pencil and make a good drawing, but at the end of the day ideas will take you over the sprawl.

How would you describe the label Life & Death from your artistic point of view?
Behind its peculiar characteristics and stylistic features the great thing I admire is the effort to ennoble again the Italian touch. In the past ten years Italy has been considered as a fiscal heaven for a lot of dj's to make money, because of its bad-quality and ignorant audience (and this is also a based truth). There are signs of life here, I'm not a nationalist one, as a matter of fact most of the time I despise the bad habits of our scene, but in these hard times I think we have to come together to save everything that is savable. United we stand, you know.

You have made so many nice drawings, can you tell us what's your favorite piece of Life & Death artwork?
I have a special bond with my little coffee pot that came out on the "Make it good" release.
But I really like the Clockwork album one, that I did together with the guys, because we had a great brainstorming time, sharing ideas and moods. Anyway, you'll see.

Wanna see more of Kero's artwork? Visit her website or blog listed below.