How to become a famous DJ?


How to become a famous DJ?

11-09-2012 | 12.24

There are three routes to becoming a famous DJ.


2. Go to your bedroom and produce a hit. With a little bit of luck, you will be doing your shopping duty free in no time.

3. Go to your bedroom, mix records and stay there for years. This way admittedly is the longest and your future will seem unclear at times. Once you’ve actually saved up enough money for turntables, you won't be able to afford any records without having to ask your mum for lunch money. When you finally get to play out, the crowd (your girlfriend & your brother) knows your tracks by heart from listening to you practicing every night. And those soundcloud views are probably your sister being nice and your dj friends laughing at you. But keep on and with lots of patience, good taste and a little bit of luck the darkness will fade. And then you will finally shine.

Oneman is living proof that taking the third route can pay off. With zero productions on his name, Oneman is one of the most exciting and versatile DJs around in the UK, alongside Ben UFO, Jackmaster and Braiden. After spinning records in his bedroom for years, he started making pirate radio and moved to Rinse FM. He then was one of the first to combine dubstep and garage when the real heads still despised house, a style that made him famous and had influence on many. Complementing that are a record label (501 Recordings) and a monthly night in London (Standard Place). Also, his Fabriclive CD has just dropped and gives you an excellent example of his taste. Oneman tears down the Boiler Room on a regular basis too, playing anything from Burial to Prince.

Finally, if all this did not yet convince you to come see him at Trouw on September 14, how about this: he is the only one I have ever heard playing Panjabi MC without coming off completely ridiculous.

Text: Arif Malawi