24 hours exclusive download Quince 'Americana' (2012 edit)

24 hours exclusive download Quince 'Americana' (2012 edit)

10-07-2012 | 12.26

Trouw's 7th release comes from Utrecht based Quince. With a history of releases covering prominent labels such as Delsin, Music Man, Smallville and most recently Clone, Trouw is very happy to welcome him on board with, in our honest opinion, his best record ever.

'Americana' first came out in 2006 on the legendary Delsin label. An uplifting yet emotional neo-classic take on Detroit techno getting wide support from DJ's such as DJ Rolando, Prins Thomas and Laurent Garnier. We asked Quince what made him decide to do a re-edit 6 years later?
It was not my own idea to re-release Americana. The idea came from Nuno dos Santos and Olaf Boswijk. Americana has always been their favorite track. Because it was one of my first releases, from an era when I was not very well known, a lot of people propably have missed the track back then.

The re-edit has already been hailed in the club scene. Laurent Garnier said: "No words .... Simply superb! ☺" and Danny Howells immediately got his hands on it: "Glorious summer groove from Quince ... I will play tonight!" So we want more! Can we expect more releases from you in the near future?
Yes, a lot has been planned. After the summer there will be another release on Trouw. In addition, there are a number of releases on Clone and Kompakt. Lately I've been very productive and I also have a lot of new tracks, but I am still looking for a label to release them.

Besides DJ and producer, you work at the hospital during the day. Isn’t this combination sometimes difficult?
This combination works very good for me. I find I am more creative when I can use music as an outlet. If it would be my ‘main thing’ there would be more pressure and I will become less creative.

Americana (2012 edit) will be digitally released on 16 July. Especially for our loyal Trouw visitors the track will be available for download for free for the next 24 hours via the link on your right.

Artwork by: Arnout Hulskamp