Win a Planet Delsin giftpack and guest list

Win a Planet Delsin giftpack and guest list

07-06-2012 | 16.07

On Friday 15th of June, the Delsin boys will visit Trouw again with a very good line-up for Planet Delsin. Not only can you win a guest list for this night, we’ve also added the recently released album ‘Reform Club’ by Claro Intelecto and the soon to be released debut album ‘Traces’ by Delta Funktionen to the giftpack. Well, aren't those good ingredients for a party?

None other than Claro Intelecto will perform his new release "Reform Club" live at Planet Delsin on Friday 15 June. It's already the third album by Claro Intelecto and he has succeeded again in making a great album. The Volkskrant already labeled this album as a "gem" and we totally agree. Here at Trouw's offices his album has been on constant repeat!

In addition to the performance by Claro Intelecto, Delta Funktionen will give away a DJ set. And we can surely guarantee that he will play a track from his debut album "Traces" which will be released three days later on Delsin Records. Delta Funktionen previously said about his debut album: "Traces is about my longtime research into electronic music. It covers tracks that make reference to my favorite subgenres within-electronic music: techno, house, electro and (Italo) disco. There had no specific idea behind it because the album contains tracks made over a long time. Some are 3 years old, others were made this year, but in the end I think it sounds like a coherent piece of work."
We can’t wait to hear it on the dance floor!

With a live performance by Claro Intelecto and Delta Funktionen who will play another fantastic DJ set, you are guaranteed an extraordinary night. And especially if you're one of the lucky winners of the giftpack, which includes guest list, ‘Reform Club’ by Claro Intelecto and 'Traces' by Delta Funktionen.
We will give away three of these amazing Planet Delsin packs. All you have to do is send an email before Friday the 15th of June to with your name, address & telephone number and indicate why you should win!
See you June 15th!