Happy Birthday Boris and William

Happy Birthday Boris and William

23-05-2012 | 08.32

It's the second time Boris Werner and William Kouam Djoko are celebrating their birthday during their own Late Night Society. We asked everybody out of the line-up (San Proper, Tom Trago, dOP en de twee zelf) a couple of questions about birthdays, presents and such. 

San Proper
What's the most beautiful/impressive present you've ever got?
My friends collected money and surprised me with two SL1200's on my own clubnight 'Choque' in the Mazzo. I also got a nice black bowler some years ago, since that time I celebrate my birthday during 'The San Proper Festival', which sometimes lasts longer than three weeks. 

What's the best birthdaysong? 
Van McCoy - The Hustle, it's real nice & corny while unwrapping your gifts, playing birthday games & making out behind the drapes.  

Who still has to come to your birthday that have never been?
Kitty, Donna, Catherine, Jude, Isis, Ayse & Sexy Rexy.

Tom Trago
What's the most ugly or stupid presnt you've ever got?
McDonald's mayonnaise 

What's the most outrageous gift you ever gave to someone?
We gave Steven de Peven a.k.a. Awanto 3 his trip to Bali with a couple of friends. It was a gift for myself as well, since we went there together.   

What's your favourite birthdaycake?
A big white lemon cheesecake or tarte tartin. Or maybe a pear pie, but I'm actually not a big pie fan, or maybe just sometimes. 

What's the ugliest present you've ever got? 
Renate underwear...impossible to wear it!

What's the best birthdaysong? 
'Happy Birthday' from Ada on Pampa, the demo version, I had chance to get it and i really like the mood and the music on this one.

Boris Werner
What's the most outrageous birthday you ever celebrated?  
It's maybe a bit cliché, but true nonetheless, this one has to be my 30th birthday which I celebrarted last year in Trouw, haha! That night for me is the most memorable ever. William and I gave ourtselves the night off so the Visionquest boys could play the whole night, which they did with verve. Wat a great night that was!!! 

What should people not give you as a present?
A gift coupon!!! When people that know you can't even think of something to buy for you, I think that's really stupid. 

What treats did you hand out in class when you were younger?
I always handed out chips, which sometimes ended in a big chips fight, hahaha..

William Kouam Djoko
What' has been your best birthday up until now? 
Last year's Late Night Society invites Visionquest where I received so much love!

What's the weirdest present you ever gave to someone?
A toilet brush for valentinesday.

What is the tastiest birthday cake?
The Late Night Society birthday cake, don't miss it!