Ben Sims' other side

Ben Sims' other side

20-04-2012 | 17.25

Ben Sims is well known for his prime time sets during festivals. Two hours of pumping techno is the recipe for these gigs. During Imprint Sims can show a different side, one you don't get to hear that often. Sandrien asked him what we can expect of this three hour set he'll be playing on this night. 

Normally you play mostly at festivals in Holland, now you have 3 hours to play. What is it that you have in store for us and how does it differ from your festival sets?

Ben Sims: My club sets always differ from festival sets as i experiment far more and try new things, the vibe of a festival is very different, the sets are usually shorter and everyone tends to just play big tracks or not take too many risks, which suites the occasion but with club sets you can always push things further. So I'll be mixing things about a lot more than at the bigger events, dropping a broader range of styles, trying out plenty of fresh bits and generally playing more of the music that excites me, new and old.

Sandrien: You've been making the Funk You Podcasts for a while now, focusing on new and classic techno and house. Can we expect your set will be like this?

Ben Sims: Yeah I guess so, the Funk You! podcasts are pretty close to the kind of sets I like to play, fusing the brand new or unreleased with the old and recently rediscovered, that's very much where I'm at right now. Lots of the new music out at the moment is clearly inspired by the golden era of techno and house, things are really going full circle, so it's always fun to drop originals or re-edits too.

Sandrien: Will we be hearing some unreleased Theory records in your set?

Ben Sims: Definitely, I've been busy working in the studio on remixes and my own material plus there's forthcoming bits from artists like Stephen Brown, Ritzi Lee, Orlando Voorn and Paul Mac due out over the next few months on Theory, so I'll certainly be featuring a lot of those.

Sandrien:  Could you give us three tracks you don’t get to play usually, but we’ll probably get to hear on the 28th of April though? And could you also tell why?

Ben Sims:
1.Arttu-Soul Stream.4 Lux
One of a bunch of house producers really doing it for me at the moment, just perfectly executed deep and raw , Chicago flavoured goodness!
Sadly, by the time I get to the decks, someone has usually cranked up the tempo and intensity to a point where any sizeable reduction would just suck all the energy out of the room so I rarely get a chance to house it up properly.

2.Ben Sims feat DJ Rush-Beat The Box.Unreleased
This is a tough acid house flavoured workout that I'm really happy with but i never seem to get around to playing it in my sets. I tend to carry around too many CDs (in addition to my records) and always forget to play things so I'm getting a dubplate cut of this next week to make sure I stop flicking past it!

3.DJ Nature-Let It Ring.Golf Channel
I've got a bit of rep for dropping an edit of 'you make me feel mighty real' in my sets but rarely do i dig deeper into disco as I would in my 'Essex rascal' radio shows, so if the mood is right, then this cut would be perfect to set me off in that direction, a classy and respectful edit with enough kick to rock any kind of dance floor.