Sandrien talks with Pacou about his horses

Sandrien talks with Pacou about his horses

13-03-2012 | 16.54

On 24 March it's time for another Imprint. For this edition, Sandrien invited none other than Tresor hero Pacou. It is the first time that Pacou will take the stage at Trouw and before he does we of course would like to know him a bit better. Sandrien asked him the ins and outs about Trésor, his studio and his love for horses.

Sandrien: You were already playing from the beginning of the techno scene and
have had your residency at Tresor since then. What are you best memories / special moments from these days?
Pacou: First, when the club opened in 1991, I only went there as a guest. I started collecting some DJ vinyl’s and some machines to make my own tracks. In 1995 there was a chance for newcomers to become part of the club, so I was part of that second generation if you want. We started as a small group at a Wednesday night party in the basement, which led to some successful careers later, like Alexander Kowalski, DJs Dash & Dry, the people behind "Ancient Methods", Sender Berlin and some others.
A special moment from these days is for example a special night that we did in 1997 that was called "Headquarters" (the theme of the Wednesday night). There was no plan, no budget; we just did it our self with "only live acts". It worked very well, so shortly after that, the Tresor record label released our material on a
CD/ vinyl compilation.
S: That sounds like an interesting time. What are the differences between the techno scene in Berlin back then and as it is nowadays?
P: I guess basically not much has changed, but some "magic" or "mystery" is gone, because everyone is online now and has access to all information. It’s just a new generation. Back then the scene was a bit more local and not as international (remember in the 90s, even Europe flights were substantially more expensive).
S: What are the plus sides to the scene nowadays compared to the one in the past?
P: With the crowd being more diverse, it gives the club and event promoters more options to put on good things. Over the last few years Berlin has become the world's capital for anything around electronic dance music. There are many options to go out every weekend, sometimes even every day of the week. People are probably a little more informed as well.
S: On your Facebook page and your YouTube page you can definitely feel your
love for analog gear. What are your favorite machines and what does your studio look like?
P: I moved to my new place last November, so my studio setup is not ready at the moment. I attached a picture of my room in Berlin from 2010 (a jam session with Shawn Rudiman).
As for favorite machines, I started building a modular system a while ago, but it takes a few years to complete...always work in progress. The best machines are always the ones that you can force to do ‘what you want’, not just offering something the manufacturer ‘intended you to do with it’.
Hardware machines are relatively expensive so ergonomics and usability become rather important factors. On YouTube I put mostly just small demos of some machines, not really typical for the productions I release.
S: You have build up a huge discography. Do you have any plans on releasing more on your label Cache records and or are there releases coming up on other labels?
P: The last release I made was a single for Tresor a while ago. I don't have a specific schedule at the moment but I'm quite flexible. Of course the business side with many of the traditional labels (especially vinyl) has slowed since the 1990s now, that’s also why I stopped releasing vinyl on my own label. I just didn't reach a point above barely making the production costs back. I'm glad it worked this far and I was able to run it like this. Maybe there will be more digital releases, but no schedule is on at the moment.
S: I've read that you have horses on the countryside, how many?
P: My girlfriend started breeding sport horses about 12 years ago, and we moved to a place close to the stable November last year. We have 14 now, and 4 more babies coming in the next months.
S: Wow, 14 horses, that sounds awesome! You got to have one favorite (horsepeople always do) can you tell us which one and why?
P: Of our own, I don’t really have just need to take care of all and keep a good connection. They are curious, friendly animals with dedicated social behavior. I think the character they show can be influenced a bit by the people who raise and feed them. If you compare it to cat and dog, I think its closer to cats, they are submissive to a degree but they also follow their own needs and desires.
One in sports I could mention is called "Uthopia", going for UK team with Carl Hester (excellent rider) in the London Olympics, this will be one to watch. I saw him last year in Rotterdam, winning the European title. Obviously the sport isn't as popular as soccer or running but there seems to be a crowd of thousands especially in Holland, UK and of course in Germany for it.
S: What’s the craziest thing you have ever experienced with a horse?

Funny thing last summer, one of ours apparently knows how to eat cherries and spit out the seed. Its not part of their normal diet, they just eat grass, corn, apples and carrots. Bananas are ok too ;)