Kyle Hall about Detroit, money and Juan Atkins

Kyle Hall about Detroit, money and Juan Atkins

16-03-2012 | 11.17

We interviewed the young beat wizard Kyle Hall about Detroit, money, Juan Atkins, Anthony "Shake" Shakir and doing exactly what you want. He's playing at Trouw on Sunday the 25th of March together with the Secret Sundaze duo and our own resident Melon. 

Being from Detroit, was it a logical step for you to pick up producing and playing house music?

It was not by any means a logic choice for me to get into electronic music. Dance music or hiphop weren't that popular amongst my generation until the last two years when Lady Gaga, Kanye West and David Guetta started running the main stream airwaves. If I asked some one my age from Detroit who Juan Atkins was they would say: 'Juan who'?
When I was younger in Detroit, the music that was most popular with people my age was the music that was most commercially viable. That factor alone is what drives American youth music culture: MONEY! Since the Martinez Brothers are on the new blackberry ad I presume that much more American teenagers will be idolizing what goes on in the realm of dance music. Simply because it looks like those two dudes are getting money and status. Hopefully in some way this change in commercial tides will monetarily serve my career. The more the merrier I always say...

Tresor records are celebrating their 250th release by releasing a Juan Atkins remix 3x12" soon. If they'd approached you for a remix, which track would you have picked?

I’d Remix Model 500, No UFOs. That track is too SICK! I wouldn’t do much to it’d be more of a re-edit I guess. I have too much respect for that track and Juan Atkins to straight remix it. It's easier to remix music I don’t really have much of a connection with as most of my passed remixes I've done have been music I don’t really have personal feelings for. Now how I approach remixes has changed, I try to do remixes of projects I personally appreciate and feel that I can contribute to.
I always do the music I feel like working on. The music I make tends to have not such a direct connection to what I listen to or I’m around. I like to try different things so I don’t get bored. Sometimes I was making music I could play out in my DJ sets. But to other people's standards most of my music is hard to mix and play out even if it is 4/4. I just make music for people to appreciate. If they can play it in their sets cool, if not...I or some one else with the skills & guts will. Music is music, 4/4 or 5/8: I enjoy making it.

You've recently released a record by Anthony Shake Shakir on your label Wild Oats..

I was always playing his records. Anthony Shakir is a great producer and people should really pay attention to what he's doing because he is a genius! My plan with Wild Oats is releasing the music that resonates with me. Wild Oats is another way for me to express my musical likings and ideas to the public audience in a similar vein as I would be while Dj-ing: It's the mood of the party that will dictate the way and what I play!

Interview: Joost de Kleine, Eclectro
Photo: Aya Ulan