Tips for IFFR

Tips for IFFR

13-01-2012 | 16.43

The holidays are over and we are looking forward to more sunlight. But as always at the end of January, we dive into the darkness of the cinemas of Rotterdam during the IFFR first. This year there are many great films to see and we know which ones we will be attending!
1. Shame
We're almost glad that Steve McQueen is no longer making video art because he has proven he's great in making movies as well. His new film 'Shame' is packed with the beautiful long shots that we have come to know from his debut ‘Hunger’. Moreover, the cast is great! Michael Fassbender and Carrey Mulligan, who take on the lead roles, perform excellently. In light of the combination of McQueen’s finesse and his eye for good camera work, it is inevitable that this movie will be nominated or will receive some awards.
2. Clip
'Clip' is the film debut of Serbian Miloš Maja. This raw and realistic film shows the difficulties of the young generation back in Serbia in an intrusive manner. Not something light and happy but certainly worth watching.

3. Black's Game
We're also looking forward to is the Icelandic film 'Black's Game'. Executive producer of this film, Nicolas Winding Refn, filled the cinemas earlier this year as the director of the film 'Drive'. We are very curious whether this will be a hit as well. The film is set in the nineties in Reykjavik, where competing drug gangs are in control. A handful of real events from this period are featured in this film: the ecstasy revolution, two armed bank robberies and a massive insurance scam. A film about the professionalism of organized crime in Iceland.

4. Michel Gondry's Home Movie Factory
After all these intense films, it's time for something lighter. French director Michel Gondry (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) brings his interactive installation 'Home Movie Factory' to Rotterdam. Following the example of Jack Black and Mos Def in ‘Be Kind, Rewind’ (2008) Gondry offers participants the opportunity to make a short film within three hours. Who would not want the opportunity of learning the intricacies of the craft by the master himself? Joining is free, but registration is required. This can be done through:
5. Afterparty with LTJ Bukem
And after all that sitting in the cinema it's time for some action. LTJ Bukem turned Off Corso upside down when performing in 2002 during the afterparty of IFFR. To commemorate this wonderful night ten years ago, LTJ Bukem will do it all over again this year. The Drum & Bass Master will definitely make you dance on Thursday, January 26 in the new jazz venue Bird.