15-11-2011 | 10.50

At the end of the previous millennium a number of internet entrepreneurs saw the chance to begin something where the traditional newspaper publishers weren't yet ready for. Free news on the internet, financed entirely by advertising. By being ahead of the establishment, the URL with only two letters and a spartan design have made that this concept has become the most popular Dutch news site. A position that still holds.

Meanwhile, more pages are read via mobile than on the website. Moreover, the online activities of the targetgroups are shifting. The attention of the readers is fragmented and they are drowning in a stream of screaming for attention 'likeable' content. That makes it necessary for to think about the future. How do we ensure that our personal conversations between the new and exciting content is read? What happens when typing the known URL is no longer necessary to be aware of what is going on in the world?

As a product manager I work together with the editorial, sales and technology department for a news brand that meets the changing needs of readers and advertisers. That forces me also to take the next step and to see our product separately from its traditional appearance, though it is only ten years old. This will all be discussed on Wednesday, November 16 at The Future of the Newspaper #2 at De Verdieping.

By: Jesse Burkunk