360 calls it quits

360 calls it quits

01-11-2011 | 14.45

No, 360 do not break up. Neither do we end our Trouw residency. But sometimes, in order to move forward, you have to kill your darlings. The time has come to finish our 360 residency. A night that started at the wonderful Club 11 in March 2006, a period dominated by Minimal Techno. Our mission was to bring a different sound to Amsterdam – warm, dynamic and modern. From Apparat to The Field, from Lawrence to Pantha du Prince. Today, most of these artists have become household names in the Dutch nightlife, which is fantastic. But we also feel like we have accomplished our mission. 

Instead of repeating ourselves and milking the concept to death, we want to look forward. Break down walls, open doors. Our new concept – HIFI – will focus on fusing electronic dance and indie music. We will bring the excitement of true stage performances to the club and unite the concert and club crowds. Our ambition remains to innovate and rock hard. But more on this soon.

Upcoming Saturday the 5th of November, however, we want to go with a bang. It would mean the world to us to see all those friendly faces that we have grown to love over the years, the girls and guys who sweated their asses of on the floor, who made our nights with their cheers and smiles and friendliness. It was an absolute honour to share the good vibes with you all. We invite you to bring the house down one more time with us. The Jägermeister-Bar is waiting, 360 will rock the upstairs room all night long and our friends from Optimo will let the sweat drip off the walls in the basement! 


Nuno Dos Santos & Patrice Bäumel aka 360

P.S.: Our podcast series will continue. However, we will release our mixes a little less frequently. On the upside we will raise the quality bar even higher and make sure every podcast truly blows minds. Less quantity, more quality. As a farewell treat we will re-release our very first 360 podcast. Enjoy!