Ibiza Ahora

Ibiza Ahora

25-08-2011 | 18.47

Numerous lines of billboards with the heads of Roger Sanchez, David Guetta and Armin van Buuren looking at you, tons of drunken British tourists at Playa d'en Bossa, Jade Jagger topless on a deserted beach, paying twelve euros for a Fanta at Amnesia while your head is blown of by six CO2 jets, more go-go dancers around than touristst and Italians waving their flag in front of the booth of the DC10 while they ask other ravers for drugs. This is probably how you know Ibiza. Wheter you've actually set foot on the island or not, doesn't really matter here.

But somewhere in the back of your head you know that at the of the eighties the 'Summer of Love' was born here. And also that in the sixties and seventies whole colonies of hippies moved to the island and never left. And for those who know a little bit more about the history of Ibiza, it is clear that the island wasn't just laying there quietly before the big 'hippy invasion'.

The Ibicencos (inhabitants of Ibiza) divide their history into two parts according to Paul Richards, the writer who stayed on the island and wrote the book 'Not Part of the Package: a Year in Ibiza'. There's anĀ  Ibiza Antes (before)and an Ibiza Ahora (after), which indicates the time before and after the hippies came to the island.

When the hippies were 'taking over' the world in the sixties and started to travel to India, there was also another place that caught their attention: Ibiza. And this wasn't only because 'Hash Country' Marocco is so close by. But also because of the centrury old mystic history of the island, de beautiful nature and especially the tranquilo live and let live mentality of the Ibicencos . Nostradamus was maybe right when he foresaw Ibiza to be the only place we can survive when the world is coming to an end.

Although not a lot of this hippie mentality seems to be alive on Ibiza anymore, with hip hop and r&b artists like Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent and Usher performing on the island this year, this isn't completely true. You just have to look a little bit further than you're used to. But even when you ask a regular question like where this and this restaurant is to an Ibicenco, you might be amazed how open and friendly the response will be.

To find the 'real' hippies you have to move further into the island, away from the superclubs and tourist packed beaches. But even in the clubs you will find some original Ibiza inhabitants behind the decks. LikeĀ Pacha's youngest resident dj ever, Willie Graff. He's been hosting The Funky Room of this world famous club, together with a couple of other dj's, since he was sixteen. Graff is now almost thirty and was born on the island while his hippie parents seperately moved to Ibiza in the sixties. He tells about Pacha, growing up on Ibiza and being a dj on the island in an interview with Resident Advisor he did last year.
And although the original hippies and Ibicencos aren't that easy to spot, the tolerant and relaxed vibe is kept alive by all of them who are still living there.

Ibiza tips:
1. Make sure you know someone who lives on the island
2. Rent a car or motorbike
3. Make a tour to Formentera, the island next to Ibiza
4. Go there right after the opening- and right before the closing parties, off season is also recommended
5.Play the bongo together with the other neo hippies at Benirras
6.Bring a pile of money
7. Be relaxed