Underground pop

Underground pop

20-07-2011 | 13.24

By: Antje Klaster

'Underground pop' that's how Seth Troxler named the new house mania that was on the rise in 2010 and took the dance scene to the next level in 2011, by well, just taking over this scene. The tracks that artists like Danny Daze (who now has a nr.1 hit at the Beatport deephouse top 100 with 'Your Everything'), Jamie Jones, Benoit & Sergio, Tale of Us and Deniz Kurtel produce, are a perfect combination between house tracks you like to hear in a club and ultra catchy pop songs that seem to stick in your head forever. 'My baby does K all day...' and 'I just can't make it without youuuu!' were lyrics that most of the visitors of the clubs were singing while leaving the place at the end of last year.

Live acts seem to be getting more entertaining with this new 'hype' as well. House artists that also use their voice during their show, seem to pop up everywhere. Which is a good thing too, because we were all getting bored out of our minds watching nerds glazing into their Macbook pro while playing the exact same tunes as on their album. Nowadays you're nothing without your own mic anymore, as an artist who's doing a live show. But don't think this 'trick' can be done by anyone. Producing a track and performing it like Maceo Plex is doing in the video below for instance, requires a lot of talent.
The three record labels that seem to be the main characters in the 'underground pop' genre nowadays are: Visionquest (Seth Troxler, Ryan Crosson, Lee Curtiss and Shaun Reeves), Hot Creations (Jamie Jones and Lee Foss aka Hot Natured) and Crosstown Rebels (Damian Lazarus).
Also we can't forget Wolf + Lamb (Zev Eisenberg and Gadi Mizrahi) with artist like Nicolas Jaar, Seth Troxler and Soul Clap in their catalogue.

Something they all understand very well, is that the tracks they release do not only work for your i-Pod but also do more than well on the dancefloor. So it's not only about 'scoring hits', but just as well about producing great parties and having fun. Jamie Jones understood this quite well when he played at Late Night Society in Trouw december 2010 and started partying himself by climbing on the subs from inside the dj-booth. Crosstown Rebels' Damian Lazarus has been capturing his infamous 'Rebel Raves' on film since 2008 and there's already a series of 11 episodes on the Rebel Rave tv channel. When all the earlier named label bosses and artists are throwing parties at Sonar, WMC, Ibiza or anywhere else in the world, you better make sure you're a part of it, or else you will be found crying in front of Youtube afterwards..
The popularity of this 'new' sound is all but odd. The music isn't that complex at all, but does have the right qualities and don't forget: the ladies like to dance to it too. The parties where the labels and connected artists play are all about having fun and doing whatever you want, instead of trying to play the most credible music available. And that makes this 'underground pop' music and their parties a welcome and fresh 'hype' in the dance scene.
Of course there are a lot more labels and artists to be named, but doing your own research isn't a dirty job, on the contrary (try it, it's fun!).

Here's some music, in no particular order, to get you started on your research: